The Unlimited World-Head Office in Hillcrest, Durban


1 Lucas Road, , Hillcrest , Durban




South Africa

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Driven by a dream of how things should be, our vision is “to build a remarkable business for our children’s ch...View more

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About us

With this in mind, we’ve moved away from the old way of doing business, to one where everyone wins. Exposed to this thinking, we grow as individuals and discover who we really are. We learn to trust that we are capable of achieving what we set out to do. And we know that by doing the right thing regardless, and trusting others to win, we will win too! Embedded in the DNA of who we are, our vision gives us focus and direction, and inspires us in everything we do. After all, the future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. At the core of our culture is our heart, and it is from this that our values stem. Based on love and our win-win philosophy, our seven values of Passion, Play, Love, Real, Ownership, Discipline and Restless are integral to who we are. In fact, our values are so important to us that 50% of our staff’s key performance rating is based on how they live our values every day. They are the foundation we stand on and the building blocks of our future. They are alive and visible in every interaction we have and they confirm our vision and purpose in terms of the difference we intend to make in the lives of others.


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