Regional Government:Labour:Sub-Offices:Phoenix in Longcroft, Durban


432 longberry av, longcroft , Longcroft , Durban




South Africa

031 5004704
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Sage Peters Posted On 18-May-2016

I applied for my first UIF payment on the 29th April 16 and i am yet to receive my payment. This is unacceptable, this money is needed urgently I have a child to take care off!!! Every time I query this the consultant says the systems are offline and someone will contact me once it's back on. I need this to be attended to like yesterday!!!!!!

Yolande Singh Posted On 02-Jul-2015

This centre is very unfriendly and unhelpful. I submitted my uif claim form on 28 April 2015.To date I have not received any payment. I have filled out my banking details for 3 rd time and still I have not had any payment. I work Sasa and I depended on my uif benefits to pay me out. What food must my baby now eat. Please make sure this query is resloved. My id number is 8302070106085.

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