Regional Government:Labour:Sub-Offices:Phoenix in Longcroft, Durban


432 longberry av, longcroft , Longcroft , Durban




South Africa

031 5004704
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deepika rungasami Posted On 26-Jan-2018

Good day. I have unemployed for a couple of months and only started work in October guys have paid me once and I didn’t come back because I found a job. Now you send me letters asking for the money back when I do call 0313662000 to find out what this is about you guys don’t answer. Please get someone to advise what is going not going to pay back NOTHING as it is my money and I wasn’t working.0793394597

jayshree govender Posted On 10-Apr-2017

Submitted uif maternity claim on 6 March 2017.Went to offices on 6April 2017 since no payment.Was informed information not on system due to 2week backlog.Asked to come back once sms received to submit yellow form and payment will follow after 14 working days.I have been on maternity leave since 11 February 2017.I need payment urgently.When will I be paid since I return to work on June 11th.Very unprofessional public service.You are dealing with people's lives here show some accountability.

Sage Peters Posted On 18-May-2016

I applied for my first UIF payment on the 29th April 16 and i am yet to receive my payment. This is unacceptable, this money is needed urgently I have a child to take care off!!! Every time I query this the consultant says the systems are offline and someone will contact me once it's back on. I need this to be attended to like yesterday!!!!!!

Yolande Singh Posted On 02-Jul-2015

This centre is very unfriendly and unhelpful. I submitted my uif claim form on 28 April 2015.To date I have not received any payment. I have filled out my banking details for 3 rd time and still I have not had any payment. I work Sasa and I depended on my uif benefits to pay me out. What food must my baby now eat. Please make sure this query is resloved. My id number is 8302070106085.

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