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81 Somtseu Road Durban,Kwa-Zulu Natal , Durban




South Africa


The Olive College of Learning was founded by Sastri and Fay Ramiah, Co Founders of the Olive Group.

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About us

The Olive Group commenced operations over 25 years ago and now incorporates the following companies: 1. Olive Business Solutions: A firm of Chartered Management Accountants and Chartered Accountants 2. Olive Convention Centre: A large scale Conference and Convention Centre servicing the MICE industry locally and globally 3. Durban Ice Arena: An International Spec Ice Rink and Sports Arena 4. Olive Convention Services: A large scale food and beverage arm of the Olive Group 5. Olive Financial Solutions: Financial Services and Banking services, a Registered Financial Service Provider 6. Olive Marketing: A property development company and import/ exports trader. 7. Global Innovation and Technology Centre: An incubation hub for starts up and shared services for new entrants into South Africa and Africa. The founders of the Olive Group have a core value of initiating opportunities and projects that will leave a profound and lasting impact on Society at large. Olive entities have a key focus of trading locally and Internationally with a Key Goal of accelerating trade in African Countries. The Olive College of Learning is a learning Institution with an evolving curriculum. We understand that the nature of Education and Learning is changing on a consistent basis and learning materials and teaching methods need to be current, relevant, adaptive and forward thinking. Learning platforms will be positioned to have high impact (especially in Africa) and technology and innovation will be a key driver in providing effective learning solutions. Location: We are located in Durban, South Africa: 81 Somtseu Road. We are also a partner of an Online Gateway Solution, StudyNext International, that will serve as an entry point to Global Learning Centers and also provide Online Learning. Our Courses: Our course curriculum is consistently developing and currently has the following key focus areas: – Personal Well Being: Course Name: “Personal Wellness” – Preparing the Youth and Unemployed for the Workplace Course Name: “Work Readiness” – Developing Practical Skills of the Youth Course Name: “Production Technology” – Preparing Entrepreneurs for the Business World Course Name: “I am an Entrepreneur” – Preparing Mangers and Leaders to Become Coaches Course Name: “Personal Coaching” Duration: Courses are presented in modular form (short courses) thus allowing attendees to attend personally relevant modules. Each attendee will receive an attendance certificate per module and a completion certificate once all modules per course are completed. On average each module is covered over one day which includes presentation, lecture and discussion time. Modules are repeated (approximately 10 times over a 10-month period) over a calendar year per the annual timetable. An attendee can complete a full course within 2 months or 1 year. (2018 Calendar/Timetable TBC)


Products & Services

National Bench Mark Test (NBT) support/coaching/preparation in Mathematics was first conducted in 2014. This proved to be a huge success and very beneficial to all those who participated. The programme has enabled many students to gain priority entry at Universities and embark on careers of their choice. This programme has since this time gained momentum with increasing numbers each year. The National Bench Mark test is used to screen matric applicants for entrance and acceptance at all major universities in the country. The Olive College of Learning is now fully involved in extending this programme and in providing the necessary support to Grade 12 Mathematics students who wish to take the National Benchmark Test in Mathematics in July 2017. This programme uses the best resource materials in South Africa and will conducted by highly qualified, experienced and respected academics The College will run a 17-day staggered programme of 3 hours’ duration under the leadership of Mr Vishnu Naidoo. Mr Vishnu Naidoo is a facilitator and author of the National Bench Mark Mathematics preparatory book for Grade 12. Mr Vishnu Naidoo together with qualified facilitators will be presenting the course material in conjunction with Olive Development Trust (NPO). Frequently Asked Questions: The NBT is a 3-hour multiple choice paper and satisfies the university admission criteria. Revision material will be provided at the course. No calculator is allowed in this test. Students need good computational skills. Many problems will be of a non-numerical nature. It is obvious that you need to know the basics well, whether it is in trigonometry; co-ordinate geometry; algebra; statistics etc. Students need to have a good understanding of Mathematics. All school topics from grade 10-12 are covered except 3 topics namely Problem Solving; Logarithms and Transformation Geometry. This will be part of our programme. Students are advised to write the NBT towards the end of July or as soon as they are prepared. Don’t write if you are not prepared. There is a very big danger of scoring a low mark and not being accepted at tertiary level. You may get a second chance. However, this is generally not favourable. Every learner who intends pursuing a career in Science (Medical; Engineering; Technical; Actuarial) and Accounting/Statistics is well advised to write the NBT. The programme at Olive College of Learning will commence on 6 May 2017. All the study materials and technological support shall be provided at the tutorial sessions. We look forward to your support in motivating your students to attend and rest assured that our programme WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. By achieving outstanding results your prospects of achieving your career goals and opportunities for bursaries are enhanced. You are cordially invited to visit our facility at the College.

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